Saturday, July 11, 2009

NOKIA Blogger Meet

On 10th June, i was one of the attendee of Nokia Blogger's meet held at Hotel Trident Gurgaon. The meet was organised by Blogger Mind. I got a chance to meet incredible designer of Nokia N 97, Mr. Axel Meyer.

It was a two hours gathering and Mr. Axel told us about all the features of Nokia N 97 and also the design aspects which he kept in mind while designing of the gadget. There was also a Q&A round in which many blogger ask a question to Mr. Axel about the new phone and he replied all the question very gently.

I met several bloggers of New Delhi like Harsh Agrawal, Abhishek, Rohit Khurana and also i meet some Nokia marketing personals. We had a chat regarding this new phone and everyone was comparing N97 with latest iPhone 3GS.

Here are few photographs of the event:

Axel Meyer 1 1024

Axel Meyer 2 1024

Axel Meyer 1024

DSC_2081 1024 (1)

the phone 1024

the bloggers1024x

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Word Camp India 09

In my previous blogs i mentioned a power of time, the fact is very true ,nothing is permanent, if today we are in difficulty then tommorow we face a better life,if today we are enjoying then tommorow it might be sorrow waiting for us, so we have to waork hard and hard for not to regret on our past because today what we are doing,tommorow we will face it.
I am such a lucky person who had a chance to meet Matt Mullenweg,Om Malik and Amit Agarwal on 20th Feb 09 in Wordcamp 09 India.
It was a great function and we get lots of exposure. It was very great experience to meet Matt Mullenweg a co-founder of I was fascinated by his politeness and his sense of humour.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Every time i think about myself i got angry,why i am not happy at all,this is a nature of a human that his mind never satisfied with the things he get in his life,
What is a need of human??
A bicycle when he is walking on road because no one wants to burn his feet on a road,a bike when own a bicycle because every one has to move faster to do work,car when own a bike because everyone wants some better life,more better version of car when owns a car because everyone wants to live a metrosexual life , his own flat when live on rent,a better job in multinational company when doing a good job,a TV when own a radio,N series mobile phone when own a simple Rs 5000 mobile,and more and more...........
Dreaming, a nature of humanity,everyone dreams of a better life,but what is the actual meaning of a better life no one can understand. Just see an example of Mr. Ramalinga Raju(chairman,Satyam)... can anyone tell me the thing which he can not able to buy in this world, a billionaire,but unfortunately his desires make him to go inside the prison, so it is a clear thing that money can't make people happy. There is no relation between happiness and desires. Desire to find something can make people unhappy, but when we limit our desires can we be the happy person?? So,this is the topic of absolute dilemma,because person can never be happy without dreams and dreams can never come true without struggle.
So struggling in life is the basic phenomenon. Because it can make learn many things in life,the ups and downs, struggling makes the clear picture of a person where he is standing in this World. How much innovative and creative is he to cope with all the problem face in his life.
There is no funda to become happy,yes when you struggle and make your dream come true you can be happy for a moment. But at a same time most probably a new dream will stand on your doorstep.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Stages of mind.....

Well, my definition of life.......
from my day to day experience i got a point that life is nothing, but a state of a mind in which mind observe the activities happening outside world and react jus like that to cope with the situation, our mind is such a nice thing in this world that it learn us to live, to compete , to love ,to hate , to do a work, to entertain, to cry, to laugh, to travel, to feel shame, to dream.....etc.
So our mind is everything, but every person has a mind , so why cant every person do the samen thing, why every person can't be Sachin Tendulkar, or Hrithik roshan, or why Shahrukh can't be equal to Aamir.
So there is one another factor which comes into play which control our inner world and that is our soul , our inner spirit, our god, our self desire, or we say  voice from the god.... which make us to feel the situation in a different way....
 For example i become angry in a very little matter and sometimes i dont mind very big issues and take it normally, so life is not a rule in which we have to go , life is something like situation in which we have to react..
The person who react best, find a way.... and who react worst ; suffer.
Also , the last point is our mind state is never equals all the time , sometime we find a thing very interesting, but after a days or years we get bore by the same thing which was our desire..... its not our fault, its a result of state of mind...
the only thing which can't be change by the time is eternal Love. Love is immortal....

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Well it is very difficult to find a real friend in a life because time can fade every friendship......i think every people in this world is so intentional that they want the result or a gain in a result of doing something good for others, even probably i am among one of them....
 I think when the relation bacomes unintentional and fair such that two people enjoy their company with a charm, and also try to help each other without any hesitation and if anyone finds opportunity in serving his friend or help his friend in his bad time, and make his friend getting rid of every difficult situation then it would be a form of a pure friendship......
 But i observe from my day to day experience than this kind of friendship is almost impossible to found in this planet.....
I am very glad to tell everyone that i have one such friend whom i think is my best pal, will never cheat me...................he is none other than..... everyone's favourite....... DOPE.
He is wid me always... in my all good time and a bad time, always listen me very quitely.... have a very sweet cuteness and politeness on his face such as he can do anything in my favour.....

Friday, October 31, 2008

India Australia test match

well, i was among the luckiest witness who watched a double century of Gambhir and VVS laxman from his naked eyes, it was a greatest experience of my life, since i got a seat just in front of pavallion end, it was a corner seat of a box where i saw all the players passing just from my side. 
I finally got a chance to saw my greatest hero Sachin tendulkar before my death, it was a greatest moment for me and i m feeling very proud to write these words.
 well i saw humourous activities of R.P. Singh, he is a very kind person, give autograph to all his suppoters and had a chat with some viewers who made a naughty comments on him (he is still down to earth)...
i watched the stardom of Sachin,Sehwag and Dhoni (people were ready to die from removing all energy from their throat after stars wave their hand on a croud)... oh! that was amazing.....
I saw all the technology and management involved in organising these unforget events...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

who am i???

well, i am a person who knows the power of time, people usually say that time is very strong ,time can fade everything, time is strong!! is really time has such a power????
well, i m a witness of the power of time, i had an ok type of job(telecommunication) in ranchi, but i didn't really like that place too much becoz of lack of basic facalities which are necessary for me to survival(i kno u r going to think wat r they...) before u think anything more than ur imagination  i want to say u that basic needs are family ,friends , some good food ,transport to move,and most important most communication with friends and family.
It was an old village in which i stayed for 2 months and then finally i decide to ran away from there,
i left my job and came to delhi and my running is still continue becoz i and the whole world is a witness of the fuking economic crisis. 
There are no jobs in a market,and companies are enjoying cutting a jobs becoz they all are tending towards hell.
So i m waiting ,waiting and still waiting in hope of a sunrise. Becoz i kno dat time is not consistent always, it is the only thing which changes by itself.